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This program, which I would call « XO » is very useful to the point that I use it all the time.

It launches BEFORE X Plane and allows to organize as it should its scenes, airports, mesh, photoreal sceneries etc…

In addition, it allows to check or uncheck depending on the flight that you are going to make, which saves a certain time in loading the simulator.

First of all, you have to download it on the forum X-PLANE.org (I advise you to register, there so many scenes, plugins and free programs !)

Download xOrganizer

That’s what you get :

Then, in the folder that you uncompressed, you have the xOrganizer.exe file.

I advise you to put it in shortcut, knowing that you will often start.

You can now start the « XO » program.

It asks you to choose the installation folder of your X Plane, something you can do.

Here is the welcome screen you arrive at :

This is the screen that allows you to manage plugins, that you check or uncheck depending on what you want to use during your simulator session.