How to install photoreal sceneries ?

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First of all, we recommend following this tutorial for installing the xOrganizer program

Did you download your 1st photoreal scene? Great and thank you very much!

We will now explain how to install

It’s quite simple, it only takes a few minutes and then you will know how to do it.

Note that this method can be applied to the various scenes you add in the long life of your X Plane 10 or 11 sim simulator.


You have just finished downloading the scene to your computer, it consists of 2 folders :

  • The folder of the photo scene itself, for example « A Sky Story Sceneries – Ibiza Photoreal »
  • The Overlay folder that allows you to have roads, tracks and more at the right place « A Sky Story Sceneries – Overlay »

You can now decompress them and place them in the « Custom Scenery » folder of your X Plane.

Note : If you have already installed photo scenes from our site, you can merge the downloaded Overlay folder with the one you already have.

Then, with the help of xOrganizer installed beforehand, it’s necessary to declare the folder of the photo scene as well as its folder Overlay.

The Photo Scene folder should normally be detected automatically by xOrganizer and should be dragged by itself in « Photoscenery ».

For the Overlay folder, it’s possible that it’s automatically put in « Needs attention » at the bottom, in this case, move it in « Overlay photoscenery ».

Now, You can launch your simulator and enjoying your pretty photorealistic scenery !