How to install autogen ?

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How to install autogen?



The autogen that I advise comes from the site simHeaven, it’s based on the Open Street Map data thanks to the project World2Xplane.

This project allows to recover the OSM data and to integrate them to X Plane.


First of all, go to simHeaven to download the autogen of your choice.

We will take the example of Europe and the recommended autogen : W2xp Europe Mix.

You can of course apply what follows to autogen America etc …

  • You can download and decompress it, the file is about 3 GB.
  • Place the decompressed folder in your Custom Scenery for placement as shown in the following image :


Open the READ_BEFORE_INSTALLATION file, or else for another scene.

You will find objects libraries that you must also download as OpenSceneryX or R2 Librairy…

Without these libraries, you will not be able to display all the objects in the scene or even stop starting your simulator.

Then, you must declare, as for the installation of the scenes, we advise you to use xOrganizer :

You can also see in detail the area covered by your specific autogen as follows :

Information on AIRPORTS and MESH tab and Information on All Installed MESH

It’s good, your scene is declared, take advantage of this magnificent autogen !

For more information about installing the xOrganizer program :

XOrganizer Tutorial